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Alex Thomas is a political reporter in Washington DC.

Alex is the Washington Political Correspondent for Playboy. Among other reporting, he covered the Manafort trial, the 2020 campaign, and the Kavanaugh hearings for the iconic magazine.

He previously wrote for Death + Taxes before the website was absorbed into SPIN.

His poetry has been published in a number of national literary journals.


Media Appearances


poetry publications

"The Towns We Visit Together." Cherry Tree, 2020

"The last time I saw Abraham Lincoln alive," Common Ground Review2019

"Timelines." DMQ Review, 2019

"Omens." Third Coast, 2019

"Fictions." The Meadow, 2019

"Crosswalk/Bones." The Meadow, 2019

"Because We Are Temporary Things" Cimarron Review, 2018

"We Expected You Ages Ago." West Trade Review, 2017

"Nesting." Roanoke Review, 2017

"Smoke." Slipstream, 2016

"Turn Left at the..." Kentucky Review, 2016

"Edges." Red Paint Hill, 2016

"Equinox, Solstice, Equinox." Green Blotter Review, 2015